Spiral Camera


Ben Capponi created Spiral Camera in 2015.

Spiral makes Handcrafted wooden pinhole cameras & photo material : Pinhole cameras, pinholes, accessories, and contact printing frames for historical and alternative photography.

Spiralcamera products are made in France.


Each camera is handcrafted, unique, and has an engraved serial number.


We make and sell :


- high graded calibrated pinholes mounted on cardboard for you DIY projects, or on camera caps for SLR cameras.

- 4x5 inches pinhole camera, 4cm focal.

- 6x6 pinhole camera for 120 film.

-Pinhole camera for 135 film, normal size or panoramic.

- Contact printing frames (24x30 - 30x40 & A3+ ) (other sizes on request).

-UV light sources for contact printing with alternative processes


The wood

We choose the woods we work with because of their beauty, their stability and solidity : Walnut for our pinhole cameras, and ashwood/chestnut for the contact printing frames.

Spiral is located in Grenoble, France, where we have walnut fields all along the Isère Valley. That allows us to carefully choose the wood directly at the sawmill before transformation in our workshop. The best way to get the best wood !